• ERCOT and SPP Report on their Experience with NewGrid Router

    June 24, 2020 — Today at the FERC Technical Conference on Advanced Software, Dr. Pablo Ruiz, NewGrid's CEO, Jay Caspary, SPP's Director of Research, Development and Tariff Services, and Luke Butler, ERCOT's Operations Engineer, discussed the use of NewGrid Router in ERCOT operations planning and in a pilot to support SPP operations. The presentation reported on the experience at ERCOT using NewGrid Router to support its annual Constraint Management Plans review; with NewGrid Router, ERCOT staff was able to identify reconfigurations to replace some existing post-contingency load shedding actions. The presentation also reported that during its pilot, SPP used solutions found by NewGrid Router to solve challenging congestion in real-time operations. In addition, SPP stress tested the software against a number of challenging historical conditions and reported that NewGrid Router found good solutions for the majority of the cases studied. For more details, please see News page or contact us at contact@newgridinc.com.

  • NewGrid And SPP Present Results of Topology Optimization Pilot at ESIG 2019 Spring Workshop

    March 20, 2019 — Today, Dr. Pablo Ruiz, NewGrid’s CEO, and Jay Caspary, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Director of Research, Development and Tariff Services, discussed the results of a transmission topology optimization pilot conducted by SPP Operations. The presentation highlighted case studies evaluated during the pilot in which switching actions of existing assets eliminated transmission congestion by routing power to alternative paths with lower utilization.

    For more details, please see News page or contact us at contact@newgridinc.com.

Less risk. More power.

For today’s transmission operators the challenge of keeping the lights on is only getting harder. Integrating renewable resources is challenging. Climate change is making major storms and extreme weather more frequent and damaging. The risk of customer outages has never been greater.

At NewGrid, our mission is to support operators with the information they need to make better decisions no matter what they face. Or affirm decisions already made.

Our proven topology optimization technology identifies new levels of flexibility and responsiveness in a static grid. That means better ways to maintain transmission margins. Prevent congestion bottlenecks. Reduce the curtailment of renewables. Lower consumer costs. And enable every member of the team, regardless of experience level, to maximize grid reliability and resilience.

Building a whole new grid isn’t feasible. But we can help make today’s grid work like new. For everyone.