Working for Advanced Transmission Technology Coalition Launched, NewGrid a Founding Member

Boston, MA – November 7, 2017 – Today, the Working for Advanced Transmission Technology (WATT) coalition was launched to get more out of the power grid. Each year, U.S. consumers pay about $6 billion in transmission congestion costs, which could be reduced by improving the utilization of the grid. The transmission industry can adopt methods used in other industries to raise capacity utilization, save billions of dollars a year, and improve the integration of clean energy at the same time.

NewGrid, Inc. is a founding member of the WATT coalition, which brings together leading technology companies that have developed tools and processes to make the grid more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective. NewGrid develops software to identify grid reconfigurations that route power flow around transmission bottlenecks. The software works with operational processes within system operators and utilities and existing grid hardware. By improving the distribution of flow over the network, NewGrid’s topology optimization increases the transfer capacity of the grid.

“NewGrid is proud to be a founding member of WATT,” said Pablo Ruiz, CEO of NewGrid. “We believe advanced transmission technologies have the potential to bring a lot of value to both the industry and end consumers. WATT will have a crucial role in bringing this value to the fore, and in engaging with regulators and stakeholders to remove barriers and facilitate the deployment of advanced transmission technologies.”

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