NewGrid Presents Topology Optimization Case Studies at IEEE PES T&D Conference

Denver, CO — April 17 — Today, Dr. Pablo Ruiz, CEO and CTO of NewGrid, discussed the applications of topology optimization software to support ongoing business processes conducted by system operators and transmission owners. Dr. Ruiz was the speaker on software technologies in the panel “Economic and Reliability Benefits of Power Flow Control Technologies: Hardware and Software,” which focused on innovative technologies to reduce transmission congestion and extract more value out of the transmission system. Dr. Ruiz’s presentation highlights multiple case studies of business processes ranging from real-time operations to operations planning and long-term planning, developed with four system operators — SPP, ERCOT, National Grid UK, and PJM. In each case study, even under severe system conditions, the topology optimization software was able to quickly identify effective system reconfiguration options to improve reliability and reduce congestion costs. For more details, please see the presentation or contact us at