NewGrid Discusses SPP Transmission Topology Optimization Study at FERC Technical Conference

Washington DC — June 26 — Today, Dr. Pablo Ruiz, CEO and CTO of NewGrid, discussed the benefits of using topology optimization to support Southwest Power Pool (SPP) operations and planning at the FERC Technical Conference on Increasing Market and Planning Efficiency and Enhancing Resilience through Improved Software. Dr. Ruiz summarized the congestion and relief analyses on recent SPP real-time snapshots selected due to their complex and extreme congestion and overload conditions. NewGrid’s topology optimization software found reconfigurations that yielded an average flow relief of over 25% on the selected constraints, relieving congestion and overloads without incurring market costs under most conditions analyzed. Topology optimization software would provide significant reliability and resilience benefits, reducing the frequency of intervals with breached transmission constraints from 29% (current level) to 7%. In addition, market efficiency benefits include annual real-time market cost savings of $18-44 million and significant wind curtailment reductions. For more details, please see the presentation or contact us at