NewGrid Presents Results of Topology Optimization Pilot Study at SPP 2018 Technology Expo

Little Rock, AR — November 15 — Today, Dr. Pablo Ruiz, CEO and CTO of NewGrid, discussed the topology optimization pilot study in Southwest Power Pool (SPP) at the SPP 2018 Technology Expo. The pilot study evaluated the performance and benefits of using topology optimization to support SPP business processes in operations and operations planning and to mitigate ice buildup on transmission lines during winter storms. Complex and extreme historical system conditions from the recent past were analyzed to determine how the technology could practically be used by SPP today. The study, conducted by The Brattle Group and NewGrid working with SPP staff, found significant reliability, market efficiency, and renewable utilization benefits in the application of topology optimization software. Based on study findings, SPP has developed procedures to address transmission reliability challenges in its footprint. For more details, please see the presentation or contact us at